Recordings and YouTube Videos

Recordings and YouTube VideosAlegandro Coeno Calvo recordings include Musica y exilio in Winnipeg by Ensemble Ileroamericano under the record label Genuin, Polifonia del Siglo SVII Entre Dos Mundos that was performed by Cantoría San Miguel de las Victorias, Capilla Nivariense, and Camerata Lacunensis.

At the present time, he is working on his first 2 CD’s for the MDR Figaro German Radio known as Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. Even though, he is very busy with his career’s these CD’s will be released soon and then we will all get the chance to hear his amazing music and sound.

YouTube Videos can be found easily. Listed below are some of the ones that are easily found and are some of the most popular. Once you start checking out his videos you will see just how many views his videos receive and just how much you are going to want to see him in person and never miss one of his concerts.

  • Alejandro Coello Calvo performs Ferran Cruixent’s ‘Focs d’artifici’
  • Alejandro Coello Calvo. ll batutto. Snare Drum
  • Percussion Dúo The Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Alejandro Coello Calvo : Percversions
  • Alejandro Coello Calvo – Topic
  • Alejandro Coello Calvo performs Ferran Cruixent’s ‘Focs d’artifici’
  • Orchestra Concerts
  • The Missing Half
  • Double Concerto for Marimba, Vibraphone, and Orchestra by Emmanuel
  • hanna maaria sinkkonen summer 2014
  • winnipegberlin.m4v
  • Concert Music
  • Classic music
  • winnnipegleipzig.m4v
  • Helena Winkelman “Canto 33” – New Music Festival ARENA
  • Arena Percussion Solo version. Alejandro Coello
  • Da capo! – The Singing Fish
  • ACNUR music. Alejandro Coello (Melanie Olivares)
  • Contemporary classical music IN TOKYO Live
  • Alejandro Calvo Arteaga – Grabador y Pintor
  • ACNUR music: Alejandro Coello (Anne Igartiburu)
  • Liszt verschiedene
  • ACNUR music. Alejandro Coello (Luis Tosar)
  • Renaissance to Contemporary 15
  • Popular Videos – Markus Leoson
  • Alejandro Coello
  • ITTF World Tour Polish Open 2013
  • Nuevo Intro – Alejandro Coello
  • German Verbs Conjugation
  • Concierto de Alex Naranjo y su grupo
  • Blue Bossa – Villamayor – Salamanca