Other Videos and His Own Thoughts

VideosThere are several other YouTube videos online that are sure to grab your attention and keep you enthralled for hours according to the video that you choose. There are so many different videos from a few short minutes to hours that will give you more pleasure. Of course, if you see him in person, you will certainly fall in love with all that he does and realize the talent that Alegandro Coeno Calvo has no matter if he is performing solos, working as a duo, in a group, or composing.

As anyone can plainly see Alegandro Coeno Calvo is very talented not only for his wonderful music and the various musical instruments he has mastered but also his own unique teaching style.

He is a private individual that wants to keep his work and his talents far from his life with his wife. They are private individuals that only like to be in the limelight while performing not out grocery shopping or going to dinner. It is hard to believe that paparazzi’s have not started trying to catch this couple out and about in Weimar as their talents together make them a very huge success and ones that everyone would love to learn about such as are they planning on having children, where to do vacation, or do they work all the time?

He expresses his appreciation of the other professors that bring their own style and how they express themselves through their music including his own being from the south, the professor that is German, and Markus Leoson which is from Sweden.

Even tough, his duet MixStick won competitions at the time of this interview they were doing other things besides putting on concerts but do plan again to have more concerts and bring their style of music to other areas of the world.

Alegandro Coeno Calvo stated that he plans his concerts around his teaching so he can enjoy all that he loves which is teaching others as well as providing his style and sound to those that love his music.