Most Difficult and Easiest Instruments to Learn

6643022Playing an instrument is beneficial both for the soul, mind and dexterity of a person. Confucius, one of the greatest Chinese philosophers, wrote in his books that music is an integrated part in the human nature, and it can produce pleasures that one cannot be deprived from. Playing an instrument is beneficial both for the person who does so, but also for the people around listening to it. If you are amongst the ones who want to start playing a musical instrument, here it is a list with the top most difficult and less difficult to play:

  • The Violin is one of the most sophisticated string instruments, and needs constant and daily practice in order to achieve mastery. Professional violin players appearing in concert have often been studying this instrument since they were very small children.
  • The Piano is considered an instrument easy to start playing, although it’s hard to master it. Anyone can touch the keyboard, but as you will advance in your career, you will want to be able to interpret compositions that are more sophisticated. The different rhythms or high pitched noted are hard to play in a piano.
  • The French horn is a hard to play instrument due to its neighbour notes, which are hard to distinguish. The lip movement can also make the difference between a good and a bad note.

If you’re feeling depressed because you feel like a musical instrument is too difficult for you, fear not!

  • The Triangle is of course very simple to use. You just have to hit with a certain precision and regularity a piece of metal in order to achieve a clear sound.
  • The Ukulele is the string instrument that’s easiest to play. Songs are easy to learn, even by watching tutorials on-line.
  • The Guitar is the most commonly played instrument in the world. It is easy to learn and the big variety of chords allows for countless combinations: some are invented and created even at present!