For anyone that has not heard of Alejandro Coello Calvo, it is about time you learned as much as you can about this talented young man that is like no other. He goes above and beyond as a teacher, soloist, and more.

Who is Alejandro Coello Calvo?

Alejandro Coello Calvo is a great percussionist, composer, and teacher that was blessed with this talent from generations before him. He can teach both in Spanish and German and has a knack for bringing out the talents of each of students. His love of music, of course, began as a child as he grew up in a musical family.

Early Years of Alegandro Coeno Calvo

His father was Emilio Coello who was a composer and his mother was Maria Luisa Calvo a flautist. Even his grandfather on his mother’s side had musical talent being the conductor of the Municipa Music Band of Astrorga. Music was the center of the family and therefore his love grew for a variety of musical instruments and composing.

There is not much information on his early years at home as by age five he was already attending music classes that you will learn about later in this article. He must have been nurtured, loved, and introduced to the world of music that helped him become the performer he is today. Parents often aid a child in the way they will go and this family started Alegandro Coeno Calvo on his careers that have given the world a magnificent performer in many different areas.