Alegandro Coeno Calvo’s Interview by Alba Lopez Sanchez

On June 15, 2013, an interview as published by Docenotas was written by Alba Lopez Sanchez that allows you to get to know Alegandro Coeno Calvo a bit better. In the interview, we learn that by the age of 23 he has gained among 40 different professionals across the globe the position as associate professor at the Hochschule fur Musik Franz Liszt.

InterviewHe chose the location for the interview to at the Weimar, Theaterplatz by the statue of Goethe and Schiller. As explained by the interviewer the warmth and sympathy that is seen here completely relates to the experiences of Alegandro Coeno Calvo as both had expectations for the university to accept new challenges and new teaching methods. It was also discovered that he was given the chance to be a professor at the School of Arts of Mexicali and the Autonomous University of Baja California. The idea was very appealing to Alegandro Coeno Calvo as his dream is work in film music and the university is very close to Los Angeles. He did not express whether he would choose the opportunity or stay at his immediate location.

Due to financial issues at the Musik Franz Liszt and only two teachers for percussion and one retiring, he stayed at the school. His teaching skills were brought to the test with five classes for ten minutes’ higher level as well as play a repertoire for 30 minutes in order in order to receive the position. He played, Voyage of Gerard Lecointe for his vibraphone test, Ripple of Akira Miyoshi for his marimba test, and 13 Drums of Maki Ishii.

He did not talk about his personal life but only his career and his love of teaching and music. His personal life was not mentioned even one time in the interview at all.