Alegandro Coeno Calvo Personal life

Personal lifeAlegandro Coeno Calvo lives with his wife Lilana del Sol who is a Mexican singer in Weimar. Here is works as a teacher in two different universities which are Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere and Hochschule Fur Musik Franz Liszt. Along with teaching he also offers extensive percussion classes, plays concerts with chamber music groups, writes music, composes, and performs solos.

When it comes to his home life, you will not find much. There must be more to this couple and Alegandro Coeno Calvo than the public than his talent. Well, so far, the word is out now, so maybe we will start seeing more photos and information popping up about this amazing couple especially his music and who knows maybe he will show up in North America and start working on his dream job which is to create film music. Americans need to start paying close attention to Alegandro Coeno Calvo because as soon as an agent gets their hands on him he is going to be one that will be creating music for a variety of Hollywood films. Remember, you heard the news first here and before long you will hear his compositions on films and other audiovisual media in America in a short amount of time. He is not one to give up on his dreams as you can see by his life, and with audiovisual media and especially film music being his most loved dream, you can expect it to happen as quickly as he decides to go forward.

At this time, he may only be heard in Bulgaria, Germany, and Spain, but one day soon, he will be heard in the United States and around the world due to his talent, his determination, and his drive to fulfill his dreams to work with audiovisual media and film music