Alegandro Coeno Calvo Compositions

Alegandro Coeno Calvo is a great composer and has worked with various group and styles that range from instrumental music to electronic. His main interest is film music and audiovisual media.

Examples of his pieces include:

  • Percversions for additional percussion and vibraphone
  • Concertrate for marimba solo
  • Malpaises for marimba and guitar
  • For mixed choir he arranged two different versions of El Cumbanchero and Pintame Angelitos negro

Alegandro Coeno Calvo CompositionsAlegandro Coeno Calvo had two of his seven creations performed by Tito Carcia Gonzalez in 2014 at the National Auditorium of Madrid Spain. Recently he has been working more on film music which can be hard on the Television spot The Conflict in Syria: a gigantic open wound created for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that starred Luis Tosar, Anne Igartiburu, and Melanie Olivares.

As a composer, he learned from his own education to work with students in a different way instead of standing in front of them as a teacher. This gave them the opportunity to truly learn in what he thought was the best method for any musician today.

Lectures were never a part of his educational training as learning to play an instrument was more like just learning what the instrument was and how it worked. At the university where he is now, students do not even need to attend class. You can study if you wish and you have the option of doing your job and see which student will achieve their goals and others fail.

Alegandro Coeno Calvo stated that he plans his concerts around his teaching so he can enjoy all that he loves which is teaching others as well as providing his style and sound to those that love his music and hopefully reach those that have not had the chance to hear his concerts.